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Here’s a look at our philosophy and practices when it comes to working with wrought iron.

Our history with wrought iron

We Are Manufacturers and Installers of Wrought Iron

To look at the history of wrought iron is to look at the history of man’s innovations. Throughout time, wrought iron has been used to build formidable structures, railways and warships. Today, the timeless strength and elegance of wrought iron can be found anywhere in homes from custom iron railings to decorative doors. Here’s a look at our philosophy and practices when it comes to working with wrought iron.

Our designs can vary from the simply functional to the exquisitely ornate. Depending on your project application and individual taste, we build to suit. We buy from suppliers that are particular about their product as we are of ours.

wrought iron manufacturing
wrought iron manufacturing
wrought iron manufacturing

Completely Original Designs

We have nothing pre-assembled. There are several designs in our online gallery or showroom that showcase the possible combinations. Or, you have the option to design your own fence or railing with our input and from a variety of pickets, posts and ornaments.

After you have made your selection, we use the appropriate raw materials required for your customized project. Then, based on site measurements, we manufacture your custom product to fit your application and budget.

Regardless of your product selection, the quality remains the same. All manufactured items are galvanized, primed and painted as required.

Our Safety Standards

As manufacturers of railings and members of the Stair and Railing Association of Canada, we make sure that our products always satisfy the stringent codes and safety requirements set by the Ontario Building Code.

Wrought Iron Installation is Our Specialty

For railing installations, you have the option of core drilling directly into the surface or having bottom plates welded to each post. For fences, posts need to be installed and given time to set before final measurements can be taken to ensure that your customized fence sections fit properly. Our experienced installers are equipped with the appropriate tools and skills to properly and safely install our products. Installation typically occurs between 4-6 weeks, depending on seasonal time periods and whether or not your product is galvanized.

Galvanizing: Protecting Your Investment

Due to the oxidizing nature of iron, we encourage our clients to make the smart choice by galvanizing their final product. Not only does the galvanizing process increase the product’s lifespan, but also proves to be a maintenance-free choice.

Galvanizing VS. Powder Coating

For all intents and purposes, galvanizing is considered a commercial application. As such, it must be understood that imperfections are apparent in the look and feel of the steel once it has been galvanized. The finished product tends to be rough. The steel is not as smooth as it would be using a multi-paint coat system. Galvanizing is not a finished coating. However, for protection and longevity, it is the most superior process to be applied to your investment.

Lifespan Expectancy for Galvanized Products

A hot dip galvanized zinc coating has the ability to provide maintenance-free protection for the designed lifespan of the structure. It has a rate of corrosion proportional to its thickness and directly affected by the environment to which it is exposed. For example, the typical lifespan expectation of an 87 micron-thick galvanized coating can range from 20 years in a heavy industrial environment to more than 50 years under typical rural conditions.

Why Galvanize?

Zinc provides protection to bare steel areas. The structure remains protected even if exposed to abrasion or impact damage. The sacrificial nature of zinc prevents the exposed steel from corroding. This eliminates undercutting or blistering of the coating.

From large structural steel sections to smaller forged iron components, every portion of your product is fully protected when the total immersion hot dip galvanizing process is applied, including recesses, sharp corners and otherwise inaccessible areas.

Galvanized coatings are thicker at corners and edges. This process is “self-inspecting” because coating deficiencies are immediately evident when the steel is withdrawn from the molten zinc. Unlike multi-coat paint systems used in Ornamental iron applications, the galvanizing process allows for immediate remedial action. The coating cross-section below shows the relative hardness of the inter-metallic layers.

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