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Wrought Iron vs. Aluminium

When home and business owners are considering features for their homes, buildings and landscaping, one of the choices they may eventually have to make is whether to choose wrought iron railings and fencing or whether to go with aluminum. But to make a truly informed decision about this, it is important to look at the characteristics of each type of product.


When it comes to the initial purchase price, aluminium has a clear advantage – that is to say, that it can be quite a bit cheaper.  But like the old adage goes – you get what you pay for. When the paint on aluminium starts to go, you can’t simply re-paint it as you might with other materials.

Have you ever noticed that powdery white stuff on aluminum fences? That’s a kind of white rust which indicates corrosion. This is something that cannot be repaired – and eventually it can corrode so badly that there will be nothing left to repair.  So instead of repairing it, replacing it is your only option.

Wrought iron fencing and railings on the other hand, come in at a higher price point.  But with this higher price, also comes significantly better quality.  And the hot dipped galvanized wrought iron products designed by Dufferin Iron are designed and made to last a lifetime.

While it is true that paint will wear over time, the sturdy iron structure remains and does not degrade the way that aluminium does.  So, while you may pay more for wrought iron, remember that you are making a one-time purchase, where with aluminium you’ll likely need to replace the product several times throughout your life.


Aluminium fencing products are put together using bolts, and brackets. If being used for security purposes, this is not ideal since these may be tampered with. Since the fencing is not truly “one piece”, it also means that in extreme temperatures, components of the fencing will contract and expand at different rates, thereby causing damage and shortening the lifespan.

Should the integrity of this type of fencing be compromised, such as by getting hit with a car or falling tree limb, the fence will have to be replaced.

Wrought iron fencing on the other hand is 100% welded construction, meaning that it will withstand the elements. And while these fences are not immune to damage from an unexpected impact, they are able to be repaired and re-painted on site.


Let’s face it, when it comes to design, nothing is quite as generic looking as an aluminium fence. And there is good reason for this – it’s a disposable, mass-produced product.

Wrought iron on the other hand can be shaped in just about any way you can imagine. Choose one a wide selection of designs or create your own!

So if you’re trying to decide whether to choose wrought iron or aluminium, just remember this. Aluminium may be cheaper, but wrought iron fencing, gates and railings are permanent and you’ll be able to enjoy a lifetime of service and value.

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