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Importance of Window Bars for Your Home or Business

It is estimated that over half of all residential break-ins and burglaries start with access to the home through a window at the back of the house. Break-ins to business properties can also happen through windows. Properly installed security or window bars can be an excellent deterrent. Windows that are less than twelve feet off the ground are the highest risk.

If a window is even partially open, it is a simple matter for an invader to pry it open more and access your property.

Window bars are typically used to cover windows at ground level – such as the windows to the basement. By placing them on the inside of the glass, you are reducing the likelihood that they can be tampered with.

The would-be invader will likely not want to take the risk of breaking the glass first and possibly set off alarms or raise the suspicions of anyone who might be nearby.

Fire Safety

It is important to remember that the same security bars that can keep you safe from being burglarized can be deadly in a fire if there is not a way to quickly release them. The same bars that protect you from crime should not endanger you or your family if there is a fire.  Today, windows come with a quick release feature so that they will not entrap people in the home when they need to evacuate.

The quick release can be a button, lever or even a petal on the floor. It must be easy to use for everyone in the home. You should be able to open it without much effort or the use of a key.

If you have an older home that has fixed bars on the window, you should have them replaced with security bars that can be released in the event of a fire.  This is especially critical for bedroom windows.

Window bars for homes

Getting window bar for you home can greatly increase your sense of security in your home but you might be concerned about how they will make your home look. The good news is that today’s window bars can actually be quite attractive – they can even have ornate designs – making them as decorative as they are functional.

But the best part is, they can really make your home safer. Because most home burglars look for easy opportunities, simply having security bars can be enough to deter would be invaders.

Window bars for businesses

If your business experiences a break in, the cost to your business can be substantial. But as a business owner, you also want to make sure that your building looks attractive. The thought of having bars across your display window is not an appealing one.

Fortunately, it is possible to have security bars without making your storefront look like a prison. Your business can use window bar that can be hidden out of sight during your regular business hours and then placed over the window when your business is closed.

Whether you are trying to protect your home or your business, window bars can be a cost effective and simply solution to reduce your chances of being burglarized. Contact us at Dufferin Iron & Railings for more info.

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