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Steel Garbage

Dufferin Iron has many years of experience building garbage enclosures to fill the needs of various clients and the size of their buildings

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Our Garbage Enclosures Range From Basic to More Multi-Functioning

They address the simple needs for a three-sided enclosure with double doors, to multiple doors including man-door access to accommodate proper waste disposal management.

This includes the inclusion of areas for recycling and bulk areas for furniture and larger disposable items.

We work with the client in laying out the required area to give maximum yield and functionality.

garbage enclosures
garbage enclosures

Our Grabage Enclosure Builds

All the enclosures are made with minimum 4”x 4” posts (depending on the size of the gates) and fence board in the requested patterns to address wind-load and visibility.

Because we use steel posts and welded brackets, the replacement of damaged boards is much easier.

We include the options to add vertical steel cross members to re-enforce larger or premium enclosures.

The client also has the choice to upgrade to cedar, Ipe or composite decking boards.

All Gates are built to suit with heavy cane bolts and appropriate locking mechanisms.

As an added and newer feature, we add a sloped roof using decking to protect the enclosures from weather or other unsolicited materials

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We offer a wide variety of Garbage Enclosure styles and designs

Garbage Enclosures Features

A dumpster enclosure hides unattractive dumpsters and recycling bins from passersby. You can also use these blocks as a commercial or strata lot because they keep illegal dumps out.

  • We work with you to fit your budget – steel or treated lumber framing is available
  • Custom-built for the size and number of dumpsters you use
  • All-season cedar siding
  • Hinges, locks, and latches
  • Using caged roofs so obnoxious smells won’t get trapped there
  • Free standing or concrete foundation

We’ll figure out the best enclosures for you with our qualified team, from simple aesthetics to high security.

The company fabricates steel enclosures for trash bins to secure the garbage of commercial and industrial customers. Businesses who want rodent-proof trash can use these garbage enclosures. You can keep rats out of your garbage with our steel garbage enclosures. You also don’t have to worry about people snooping through your trash at night. 

We make rodent-proof trash enclosures to avoid having to worry about pesky critters eating your garbage. Whether you need a single enclosure or a triple enclosure to fit your needs, we have it all. They are beautiful and can go with any industrial or commercial setting.

Steel garbage enclosures that meet your needs and are built by us. These products will keep your property clean and your trash safe, no matter what kind of business you’re in. The steel construction makes them tough enough to hold up to animals, dirt, and harsh weather.

Our products are designed much stronger than most and are nearly indestructible thanks to careful construction, welding, and detailed steel fabrication.

You need these enclosures to protect your dumpster from tampering and animals, especially. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can hide the trash area with a full-sized dumpster enclosure. A gate and fence around the dumpster enclosures can keep trash and paper from flying out and keep animals away.

While planning for a high-quality dumpster enclosure, choosing the right gates, latches, and hinges is key. We’ve served Toronto and its surrounding area as one of the leading fence companies for over a decade. DUFFERIN IRON & RAILINGS can handle your whole dumpster enclosure installation without breaking the bank.

Most Common Materials Used For Dumpster Enclosures

Garbage enclosures come in many different materials. Some of them are wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and chain link. These types of materials all provide different levels of security, so it’s important to choose the right kind to help protect those garbage cans and other trashy items.

Privacy-providing vinyl is a suitable material, but it generally can’t withstand weathering and natural wear and tear. For example, this type of dumpster enclosure isn’t designed to stand up to a sudden car hit.

Like other kinds, chain link fence dumpsters can’t hold up to any animals or people intruding with them. Enclosures made of wood provide privacy and are weather-resistant so that they can stand up to any external force.

Dumpster enclosures made of aluminum or steel can stand up to lots of force. The only downside is that they’re so visible from the outside. Yet, when it comes to protecting your stuff from severe damage and ensuring privacy, they’re the most effective. It is essential to have a dumpster enclosure to keep our society clean and neat.

No matter what kind of fencing you need, our certified and trained team members can take care of it. If you’re looking for a new garbage enclosure to protect your dirty garbage and organize it, look no further.

Our DUFFERIN IRON & RAILINGS team is ready to help you with all your needs.

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Benefits of Installing Garbage Enclosures

It’s All About Looks

Dumpsters aren’t something we look for in a business. You’re right, they’re significant, but they’re not the prettiest stuff. Yet, there is a way to hide them while also protecting them. Garbage Enclosures Toronto are useful these days. Besides giving them some protection, they also make your business look awesome. A dumpster enclosure will help keep people from throwing garbage into it

Dumpster enclosures Keep Everything Clean

One of the immediate benefits of a dumpster enclosure is that it hides your trash. It hides anything that would otherwise interfere with the building design. Enclosed trash areas are easier to clean and sanitize, and your workspace looks more inviting. 

Using a Dumpster Enclosure Can Save You Money 

Renting a dumpster and having garbage picked up can already be expensive. You have to pay extra if people put trash or stuff in your dumpster. A garbage enclosure keeps people out other than your staff and residents. 

They Promote Safety 

With a dumpster enclosure, you’re less likely to get hurt. Children can climb on and around the dumpster, or adults can dive into the dumpster. It also keeps others from throwing chemicals and broken glass into your dumpster. 

 Enclosure Keeps Animals Out

Animals can’t tamper with your trash with a dumper enclosure. Your employees, residents, and guests might get sick or injured from animals eating garbage. Besides raccoons, bears, and deer, you’re also putting your health at risk because wild animals dig in your garbage. Put a dumpster enclosure around your trash to keep animals out. 

Waste Can Be Managed More Efficiently 

It’s vital to have a gate enclosure around your dumpster so you can control what gets in and out. If your employees or residents pick up trash, you can follow whatever protocol works best for them. 

An enclosure makes it easier to keep your garbage area clean and maintained. Depending on your site needs, you can customize the enclosure. Keep your enclosure clean if you have a vermin problem; keep your garbage dumpster closed if it has loose trash. 

Dump enclosures are really good for controlling trash disposal practices and helping to keep your area sanitary.

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