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Custom Wrought
Iron Work

Custom wrought iron work is one of our more diverse and interesting area of work.

Any Design is possible

We can make what you envision

We have been fortunate to encounter, design and build some very interesting pieces—all custom, and every piece in solid wrought iron.

We Are Your Source For Custom Wrought Iron Designs

Custom wrought iron designs are one of our more diverse and interesting area of work. We are always looking for our next exciting customer with an interesting project. Will it be yours?

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We offer a wide variety of Custom Wrought Iron styles and designs

Custom Signage

All of these projects required creative thinking and innovation in order to stay within budget and keep our clients happy.

For example, M-001 was a City of Toronto project along the belt line extension walking path.

They required information signage at every major intersection. These signs had to be visibly large, structurally sound, yet decorative and attractive for walkers on the trail. Installed on custom footings, each rooftop had a unique colour to distinguish locations along the path. These signs went up on time and within budget.

Custom Canopies

Designed with your taste in mind, our canopies are built to suit your property’s architectural style to create a welcoming and non-obtrusive look to any entranceway.

Decorative Iron Doors

Decorative wrought iron doors are a secure and beautiful addition to any home or property, providing the security you need without sacrificing looks. Whether you are building or remodeling, we can incorporate the classic artistry and strength of iron in many creative ways. From classic to contemporary, old European to modern North American, we create designs specifically to suit your needs.

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