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Safety & Enclosures

One of the less glamorous, however important parts of our portfolio is to custom design, build and install security screens, windows bars, and security gates.

Protect your home or business

Wrought Iron Can Provide Safety and Style

In our modern times, we are more conscious than ever about protecting our families and personal property. One way of achieving this is to secure our homes or places of business.

Wrought Iron is the Best Option to Secure Your Home or Business

We pride ourselves in designing and building all forms of security measures to deter break-ins and security risks.

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We offer a wide variety of Safety & Enclosures styles and designs

Custom Window Screens & Gates

Some of the custom gates we are asked to manufacture are install are in hallways, stairwells, alleyways or public spaces. In order to create this form of security, we are required to custom build gates that not only secure the properties, but all the emergency passes.

There are a variety of ways of doing this in so far as design, but the basic concept is that the gate must be solid and secure, must have an overhead hydraulic closer, fire rated, non-accessible, tamper-proof and with a panic bar system, meaning that outsiders cannot access the space but if needed, many can get out at once.

Iron Security Door

A gentleman called us to review the security issues on his property. He did not have any break-ins but he was born and raised in Eastern Europe where securing property is not uncommon. Because he was well-travelled, he was accustomed to the comfort of knowing that he was adding another layer of security in his absence.

He was very used to seeing elegant properties back home and requested to have the same look for his home here.

His request was two-fold. First, to make sure that the locks and gates were extremely secure and second, to make sure that they were aesthetically pleasing enough for his taste.

We came up with a few sketches, sat down with him and collaborated on the final design. 4-6 weeks later, every door in his house was secured with a solid decorative wrought iron gate.

Sleep well knowing that you are secure with the solid iron applications available to you.

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