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We are proud to manufacture wrought iron fences for any sized project.

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The Beauty of Wrought Iron Fences

We are capable of beautifying any property in order to provide the comforts of privacy and security. In addition, we also have experience in designing and installing fencing around high-profile and private properties where security and privacy is essential. Whether you are a homeowner or a larger commercial client with private or public property, our tradesmen, with time-honoured skills and innovation are up to the task to deliver what you need.
wrought iron fences
wrought iron fences
wrought iron fences

We Build Wrought Iron Fences for Your Home or Business

Whether you are a homeowner or a larger commercial client with private or public property, our tradesmen, with time-honoured skills and innovation are up to the task to deliver what you need.

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We offer a wide variety of wrought iron fences styles and designs

wrought iron fences

Pool Enclosure Fence

When it comes to designing and installing pool enclosure fences, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to comply with the law. For instance, in the GTA, the existing Ontario Building Code requirements relevant to pool enclosure fences requires all residential and public pools to be enclosed with a minimum non-climbable 48” high fence enclosure.

This is to prevent illegal, unwanted, or unsupervised entrance to the pool area.

In the City of Toronto, you are not required to enclose the property in residential properties but you are required to separate the home from the pool, nonetheless.

A typical pool enclosure fence consists of 2×2 posts, ½ x ½ solid pickets, 4” on centre and a non-climbable horizontal rail system, which requires the 2 horizontal rails to be no closer than 48” apart. Note: any gate entrance system must have a self-latching and self-closing system.

Custom Fence Enclosure

This is example of a lovely solid wrought iron custom fence enclosure that we custom built and installed in a property located in south Rosedale.

We removed and disposed of an existing gaudy fence, while the beautiful brick columns remained. To match the existing style, we designed a few substantial looking yet elegant fence details—a harmonious balance to durability and beauty.

The pickets are solid 1 inch x 1 inch forged with a hammer detail along the neck and a center sphere detail. The top and bottom rails are solid 2 ½ inch forged bar, which makes a very rich looking final product.

All materials were hot dipped galvanized, washed, latex primed and finish painted.

Working collaboratively with the client’s landscape designer, we chose a very dark caramel colour instead of the standard black finish to better complement the client’s property. Since the home features a very light exterior colour palette, the final product fit in seamlessly.

Both the clients and the landscape designer were very pleased with the final product!

wrought iron fences
wrought iron fences

Decorative Fence and Gate

This particularly interesting project began when a client called upon our services and requested something elegant but extraordinary for the new front porch of his elegant South Rosedale property.

As you may tell from the photo, our final design was deserving of these very substantial cast iron posts.

The client liked the way the posts seemed to greet any guest with a sense of awe, giving the property an immediate sense of sophistication. They stand up tall and proud with a touch of old world glamour to match the existing white colonial posts.

Then, we changed things up. We fabricated the railings with the decorative double bar detail at the bottom of the rail, thereby, inverting the entire look and making the design slightly out of the ordinary.

Our client was so pleased and surprised by our original design. So much so, that he ended up working with us again on several other projects. In addition, he recommended us to several prestigious clients that he knew from his downtown restaurant.

Another happy client!
What ties in the double bar detail with the rest of the railing are the custom forged pickets, which as you can see, alternate between simply hammered and hammered with a center detail. In fact, we always recommend the alternating of picket pattern to avoid a boring repetitive appearance and to add an element of interest to the design.

All of these railings meet and surpass all requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

As always, we recommend hot dip galvanize prior to painting to give our clients a lifetime of carefree maintenance.

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