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Different Types Of Iron Fencing For Pet Owners

Iron fencing can provide safety and security for the family dog as long as you make the right selection. When installing fencing to protect your pooch, there are several considerations that you need to make.

What is the purpose of the fence?

Are you more concerned about your dog escaping your yard or are you more concerned about someone breaking in and taking your dog?

Some people choose “invisible” fencing for their pets because they do not wish to have a physical fence on their property. While this can be an effective method of keeping your dog from running off on its own, it does nothing to prevent would-be dognappers. Sadly, pet theft can be a real threat – especially if you own a pure bred.

Iron fences can help prevent pets both from running away as well as keep them protected from anyone who might want to take them.

Another thing to take into consideration when you are choosing iron fence for your pet is the particular nature of your dog’s breed. Do you have a small dog that could easily squeeze under any gaps between the ground and the fence? Or do you have a larger, athletic dog that might jump a fence that is too short?

Smaller Dogs

Especially in the case of smaller dogs, you want to make sure that professionals that install your fence are not leaving gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground.  Even the most level of yards are not perfectly even, so it’s important that any sloping in your yard is taken into consideration.

For very small dogs and puppies, you might even want to consider having a solid panel at the bottom of the fence to help keep them contained in your yard.

Jumping Dogs

While all dogs have the ability to jump, some breeds are particularly good at it. Newfoundland water dogs, standard poodles, retrievers and collies are all fantastic jumpers. Some dogs don’t even need much of a run – they can jump straight up. And jumps of seven feet or higher are not unheard of.

If your dog is a jumper, you need to make sure that your iron fencing is tall enough that your pooch is not tempted to go AWOL with a jump.

Proper Gates

Iron fencing meant to contain dogs should have proper locking gates as well.  These are important both to protect your dogs from unsavoury characters as well as to prevent an incident from occurring between your dogs and others. (For example, a securely locked gate will help to prevent children from entering and possibly being injured by your dog.)

Limits of Fencing

While iron fencing can go a long way toward keeping your pooch safely in your yard, it does have some limitations and is not fool proof.

The best way to keep your dog from running off is for you or another family member to be with it in the yard. Overall however, iron fencing is a great choice that helps to keep your dog safe and secure.

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