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Wrought Iron Fencing For A Pool Fence? Good or Bad?

Wrought iron fencing is an excellent choice for pools. This material is both durable and very secure as well as absolutely stunning. It is by far one of the most elegant choices of fencing that you can add to your backyard and pool area.

Wrought iron is not often the first material that people think of when they are considering fencing for their pool, but there are some good reasons why you might want to consider it.

Why consider wrought iron fencing for your pool?


One of the most obvious reasons is aesthetics. If you’ve invested time, sweat and money into a beautiful backyard pool and landscaping, would you really want to surround your pool with an ugly chain link fence?

Wrought iron fencing can provide the same safety and security while having a much more elegant appearance. A classic and elegant black fence surrounding your pool will set your home apart from your neighbours.

And because there are practically unlimited styles and designs that you can choose from, you can select a fence that will go well with your home as well – whether the style is traditional or more modern.

And – not that you’ll want to be selling your home anytime soon after you have a wrought iron pool fence – it can be a great selling feature for you in the future.


Another reason to consider wrought iron fencing for your pool is its extreme durability. There is good reason why this material has been used in Europe for hundreds of years.

As far as fencing materials go, it is one of the strongest and longest lasting that there is. Other materials such as wood will show their age over time, and chain link fences can warp. When wrought iron is hot dipped galvanized, it is virtually maintenance free.

Safety and Security

Of course, the main reason that pool fences are mandatory is for safety. As a pool owner, you need to ensure that an unattended child is not going to find their way into your pool area. Sadly, this kind of thing happens all too often and the results can be tragic.

Along with safety, goes security. You don’t want trespassers taking a dip either. The sight of your iron fence looming above can be enough to deter this.

Wrought iron fences provide both safety and security as they can be difficult to climb and nearly impossible to tamper with.

Do Wrought Iron Fences Meet Pool Codes?

Wrought iron fences can be designed to meet pool codes. You will need to make sure that you request the appropriate height, type of gate and locking mechanism to meet the codes in your area. Before installing any fence around your pool, you should check the bylaws of your municipality.

If you’re looking for an elegant and secure choice for your pool fence, you should definitely consider wrought iron fencing. It will give your back yard a classic look that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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