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Wrought Iron Gates
Add Security To your Home or Business

When it comes to wrought iron gates, we aim to create attractive yet structurally sound designs

a symbol of style and protection

Wrought Iron Gates are a Great Addition to Your Home

Wrought iron gates provide security while incorporating attractive qualities and innovative design. In addition to the design and fabrication process we will often oversee and coordinate the installation of other accessories such as gate openers, tracks and sliders, and more.

wrought iron gates
wrought iron gates

A Wrought Iron Gate Improves the Appearance of your Property

We can further enhance your property with custom initials or custom designed ornaments to help you make your property truly a reflection of your taste. Our quality, creativity and attention to detail are what distinguish our products from others when considering a garden, driveway or interior gate addition to your home or business.

wrought iron gates

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We offer a wide variety of Wrought Iron Gate styles and designs

wrought iron gates

Wrought Iron gate Examples

This is an example of one of our typical gate application, which measures approximately 5ft in high and can be mounted on our steel posts, set in concrete footings. Alternatively, this design can also be mounted onto existing walls.

All of our gates can be manufactured in a single or double gate application, depending on the actual opening available to us and the unique, existing features of your property.

The same industry-standards will always be guaranteed to our clients, regardless of the design of customization:

  • Solid iron and or forged details
  • All posts in concrete footings
  • All materials hot dipped galvanized

All of our gates come with your options of closing devices such as:

  • Standard self-closing gate latch system
  • Custom lock boxes with a full passage set
  • Fully integrated panic bar system with a hydraulic overhead door closer
  • Push button self-closing lock systems

All is available!

Decorative Iron Gate

This particular design became one of our top sellers for its elegance and functionality. We were invited to tender on two properties in a luxury subdivision in Markham, where two neighbors required multiple gates and associated iron fencing.

The unique challenge associated with this particular project meant attempting to design gates to suit both buyers. In the end, we were proud of our final product—the fence design was to be simple, yet elegant. The gates were going to be center-stage.

Of course we started with the basics,

  • All posts in concrete footings
  • All materials to be hot dipped galvanized prior to painting
  • All materials to be solid wrought iron
  • All products to pass all existing pool enclosure laws (there was a chance that one of the neighbors would install a pool)

We started off with a curved top design for the gates, and then we added the decorative double top bar with the diamond details inside. We then decided to dress up the bottom of the gate with the same double bar detail, which gave the gates much more girth.

Finally, one of the neighbors had a flower garden that he took great pride in, so we suggested something in the design that would soften the look. As you can tell, we incorporated a center floral pattern!

Voila! Gates that all the neighbors envied!

wrought iron gates
wrought iron gates

Decorative Garden Gate

Here we have a fence and gate designs created for one of our city’s more prestigious residents.

We received a call from a client with a first name and address only. Upon opening the door, we recognized her immediately as a local television icon.

As a fashion designer and interviewer, she was very expressive and specific in describing the elements she wanted to incorporate into her railings, and it was our job to make it happen.

She wanted a non-obtrusive height, with a curve to match her front door archway, some scrolling to compliment her front porch railings and Fleur-de-Lis elements—the last being an absolute must.

Because she only wanted a single gate for quick and easy access we had to design the gate with wings so that the gate could be suspended from the main 2×2 posts, which were set in 4’ concrete footings.

The Gate frames were made from 1” square tubing with 1” channels rolled onto an arc that flowed from one side of the gate to the other and then levelled off on each end, with pickets being made from ½” solid square bar.

We offered a choice of custom wrought iron panels that were customized to fit the gate.

We also offered an array of forged steel Fleur-de-Lis finials, from which she made her final choice.

Each panel in the fence was custom made to accommodate the distance between pre-set fence posts.

Finally the acorn style post caps were chosen so the multi-faced acorns matched the columns on her posts that were multi-faced also.

As usual, all materials are hot dipped galvanized, washed, latex primed and finish painted.

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