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Best Iron Gates Designs

There are virtually endless choices when it comes to designs for iron gates. Whether you are purchasing a new gate for your driveway, your back yard or your garden, the choices are many and you may even find it a little overwhelming. The good news is that there are really no “wrong” choices. In many ways, you selection is simply a matter of preference.

There are however, some things that you can keep in mind that will help make choosing a design for your iron gate easier.

Form, Function or Both?

From a purely functional standpoint, the purpose of a gate is to provide security. To provide security, a gate only needs to be sturdy and well-constructed. But let’s face it, gates can also be show pieces. Is anything more stately looking that a wide double door iron driveway gate with an arched top and ornate design?

In some cases, such as in a garden gate, security may not even necessarily be a factor in your choice. You simply want something that looks pretty next to your roses and begonias.

Of course, there is no reason why iron gates shouldn’t provide both security and beauty.

How Well Does it Go with the Home?

Perhaps the biggest challenge that home owners have when selecting iron gates is knowing whether or not a gate works with their home. It is easy enough to choose a design that they like, but will they still like it once it is a fixture looming over their driveway entrance?

If you have an older or historical home, consider what designs best mimic the era of your home. If you are not sure, a designer can help you. If you have a very modern looking home, your best bet is usually to go with a modern style of gate as a very ornate and traditional gate will almost certainly seem out of place.

You should also make sure that your gate does not compete with your home. The gate you choose should not be so grand that it makes your home look small or diminishes its appearance in any way. The two should go together.

How Well Does it Go with the Fence?

If you are purchasing a fence and gate together, it is a fairly simple matter to buy a gate and fence that go together. But if you are replacing a gate and adding it to an existing fence, you want to make sure that the gate looks like it belongs there.

Selection of Gate Designs

When you are purchasing your iron gate, you will have a large selection of existing designs ranging from traditional to contemporary; arch topped or flat top, along with various levels of ornateness.

In addition to this wide selection of iron gates, you can even have a custom gate designed to your exact specifications.

If you require further help in selecting an iron gate style, it is helpful to bring in photos of your home – especially a photo of where you would like the gate to go – our designers can then work with you to come up with the best design for you.

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