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Different Opening Mechanism For Steel Gates

Steel gates can add beauty and security to any home. When purchasing a steel gate, you will have many features to choose from – one of them being how your gate will open. In discussing opening mechanisms, there are basically three considerations: the direction that your gate will open, whether or not it will be motorized and what kind of entry system you are going to use.

Direction of Opening

Steel gates may either swing open or slide (roll) open. The choice you make in this regard depends on the terrain as well your preference in appearance. A sliding gate will usually cost slightly more than a swinging gate, but there are less opportunities for accidents which may cause injuries to people or damage to vehicles.

Swinging gates are the most dramatic – especially dual doors, however you will need to be sure that you have enough room if you make this choice. Depending on where your gate is located (how close it is to the street, neighbouring properties etc. you may have no choice but to go with a slider.)

To Automate or Not to Automate?

Steel gates do not have to have automated entry systems, but there are good reasons why you may want to consider getting one. These gates can be quite heavy and may not be easy for everyone in your household to open manually.

Furthermore, if you must open the gate manually, you may find it to be quite an inconvenience if you have to leave your car every time that you wish to enter or leave your driveway. This can become especially cumbersome during our Canadian winters!

If you are purchasing a new gate, it is recommended that you go with an automated gate as most customers who do not go with this option, regret it later. Besides, it is easier to have the gate automated during installation than to get an existing gate automated.

What Will I Need for An Automated Gate?

While automated gates are more convenient, there are additional considerations that you should take. Some items that should be included with an automatic gate are signage alerting visitors that gates are automatic; receiver transmitters and some sort of entry system (telephone, intercom, or keypad) that visitors can use to let you know that they are at the gate.

Which is the best entry system?

A telephone entry system offers the most flexibility. The gate may be opened using a code even if you are not home to answer it. This is ideal if you are expecting a courier or someone else to drop something off for you.

You can simply give them the code and then reset it afterward to maintain security.

You can also have codes that only work at certain times of day. For example, if you have an employee who regularly comes to your home at 2:00pm, you can have a code for that person that only works for a few hours each day.

Steel gates can be a wonderful addition to your home. Not only are they stately and beautiful, but they can add a great deal of security to your property.

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